A downloadable game for Windows

The technical alpha for I.T.S., an explosive escape-the-room horror game that promises to reshape the genre for generations to come.

A troubled family. A dangerous experiment. A woman, haunted. A son, afraid. While snooping around your family home you find yourself trapped in the one place you were never allowed to go - your mother's study. With the door locked behind you, and an infinite enigma stretching out before your eyes, a choice is made clear; struggle in vain to reclaim the sheltered life of the past, or discover the secret tearing your family apart.

"Haunting... a mesmerizing experience"

~Rolling Stone Magazine

"An intricate puzzler for the ages, one of the few must-plays of 2016"


"Right up there with The Witness as a defining game for this generation."

~Chicago Sun

Install instructions

Extract everything from the ITS_Alpha-Windows zip file.

Open the ITS_Alpha-Windows file and run the executable ITS file. No installation is required.


ITS_Alpha-Windows.zip 105 MB