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Where Shadows Slumber is a brooding puzzle game that takes place in a shadowy, abandoned world. You will aid the main character in his search for redemption - a search that spans numerous worlds and introduces you to a cast of mysterious figures. Who rules this forgotten land? And who will be left once the adventure draws to its inevitable conclusion?

The only tool at your disposal - besides your intellect - is the chaotic nature of the universe. Anything that is not touched by light has the freedom to change. This governing principle will be your guide in the darkness, but also your undoing. After all, if you are not touched by the light, you have the freedom to change as well. What will you become?

This app is a short demonstration of the full game's stunning worlds, mind-bending mechanics, and haunting story. The full game will be released at a later date, to be determined.

How to get the demo

The game is only available by direct download from your preferred mobile app marketplace: the App Store or Google Play. The game cannot be downloaded from itch.io as it is a mobile title. Thank you for understanding!

The demo currently contains seven surreal levels.

How to play

Where Shadows Slumber is a tap-to-move puzzle adventure game for mobile devices. Tap a space on the screen, and your character will walk there. Your character holds a lantern that is always casting a bright light - pay attention to the shadows it casts, because they are magic! If a shadow passes over an object, it may change in an unpredictable way. Use this to solve each puzzle and get to the door at the top of the screen.

Meet the team

Jack Kelly, Design and Engineering

Frank DiCola, Sound and Visuals

Caroline Amaba, Web Development

Zak Moy, Promotional Graphic Design

Contact the publisher

You can email us at contact@gamerevenant.com. Those emails go to Frank, and he usually responds within an hour.

Feel free to stay in touch and get Where Shadows Slumber news by Liking us on Facebook, Following our Twitter, and signing yourself up for Email updates. Weekly development blog posts can be found on the publisher's website.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorGame Revenant
TagsAtmospheric, Casual, Dark, Horror, Isometric, Low-poly, mind-bending, Relaxing, tablet
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsTouchscreen, Smartphone
AccessibilityOne button, Textless

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Really nice visuals. Looking forward to the full release!


Thanks, Mister! We're looking at March 2018 for a final release.

It's a great game! (except lenght)

Thanks for the kind words! Currently we're still in demo. But check back early next year, we'll be releasing the full game in March 2018!

You can follow our progress online by reading our weekly blog posts: https://gamerevenant.com/2017/...

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I made this, and it's great!